Professional Services

Laser Cutting

Usiing only the best lasers available ensures quality results... everytime.

Laser cutting is ideal for quickly making custom parts from a wide variety of materials. High powered lasers are capable of cutting anything from thick metals to thin plastics, Most lasers work best on carbon or stainless steels.


Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet all materials! Aluminum, Steel, Plastics, Rubbers and many more.

Unlike Laser cutting, Waterjet cutting imparts no heat to the material being cut, because of this there is no Heat Affected Zone. Waterjet can also cut materials up to 6" thick and won't leave you with the "Ratty Edge" that is common with flame or plasma cutting.


Prototype Fabricating

We have a team of highly skilled mechanical engineers ready to assist you.

Possessing a high quality, detailed, and functional prototype of a product is essential to the manufacturing and implementation process. A prototype allows manufacturers to see what a finished product will look like and how it will be used. A successful prototype will provide manufacturers with insight and understanding of the potential new product. With Andex Lasrer we understand that your prototype can make all the difference between full-scale fabrication and starting over.



Our Expertise

Below are just a few of the areas we take pride in calling ourselves experts in. We back this claim with the quality of our work, our staff and our management.

  • 5 Axis Laser Cutting
  • Flat Laser Cutting
  • Flange Specialists
  • Laser Graphic Imaging
  • Waterjet Precision Cutting
  • Waterjet Precision Cutting
  • 3 and 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting
  • Metal Fabricating
  • Bracketry
  • Water Cutting to 20 Inches Thich
  • Taperless Cutting
  • Many More...