Waterjet Cutting

Andex Laser Custom Waterjet Cutting Services

We offer high quality  waterjet cutting services using high quality CNC machinery and programming software to create flawless designs out of raw materials. By using the latest cutting edge waterjet technology, we give our customers quality custom machined parts and products along with competitive pricing. Andex Laser uses only the state of the art high pressure waterjet cutting and machining that allows us to offer fast turnaround on parts. Waterjet cutting uses water compressed up to 60,000 PSI as a precise and powerful cutting tool. This powerful jetstream is capable of cutting material to 10" to 12" thick.


Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting utilizes a high velocity stream of water and abrasive that can be used to cut almost any material. The water stream passes through a mixing chamber where a vacuum, induced by the water stream, sucks in abrasive. Momentum of the water stream accelerates abrasives as it passes through the nozzle.


The cut diameter and quantity of abrasive is dependent on the cutting stream size, which is selected based on the material to be cut. Garnet is the most commonly used abrasive, as it is an environmentally clean process containing no free silica. Other less commonly used abrasives are olivine sand, silica sand and slag by-products. Abrasive waterjet cutting is an extremely successful, cost effective method for processing metals, rubbers, plastics, and more.


Non-Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

This method is non-abrasive waterjet cutting, or 'water-only' waterjet cutting. This form of waterjet cutting allows for the rapid production of parts from soft materials. Non-abrasive waterjet cutting is more ideal for thin, soft, and/or porous materials. Since non-abrasive waterjet cutting does not use the usual garnet abrasive to process the material, your parts will not be susceptible to collecting dirt on the surface. This is important for parts cut from Teflon, PTFE, cork, silicone rubber, foam, insulation, and more.


The advantage of using non-abrasive waterjet cutting is the cleanliness presented on the finished product. On a porous material, it's easy for abrasive to get stuck in and on the material and leave a dirty appearance but with water-only  you are left with a much cleaner finish.


There are several advantages to working with a company that offers waterjet cutting. Below are a few of the benefits you can expect with Waterjet Cutting.

  • Waterjets can cut reflective materials like copper and aluminum that lasers cannot.

  • Waterjets can cut heat sensitive materials that lasers will ruin.

  • Waterjet cutting does not heat your part. There is no thermal distortion, which can occur with lasers. Waterjets do not change the properties of the material.

  • Waterjetting offers better tolerances on parts thicker than 0.5" (12 mm).

  • Waterjets can easily handle cuts from 1/2" through 20".

  • Due to the nature of Waterjetting, cuts have a fine sand-blasted surface finish.

  • New Waterjet technology allows for tolerances of up to +/-.003"!