Prototype Fabrication

Short Run and Prototype Fabrication

One of our capabilities twe have available to our customers is the ability to prototype your part(s) as well as produce it in short run or high volume quantities. Andex Laser can accurately deliver a prototype as well as a small volume run of your machined component. 


From a CAD File to a Sketch, We Can Help

We can handle prototyping in a variety of ways. If you have an existing CAD/CAM file or CNC program, we have the experienced staff and equipment to create your prototype. If all you have is a rough idea of the part you are looking for, we can take your hand-drawn sketch and prototype that as well.


Andex Laser can palso rovide design and engineering assistance to determine the manufacturability of a part or component. Our staff has years of experience with CNC machining using AutoCAD to design and SURFCAM to program the CNC machines. You can be confident that the prototype we deliver will meet and exceed your expectations. Once the prototype piece is approved, a short run can be handled quickly and efficiently.


Prototype Show Models

Prototype fabrication are not just limited to finished product examples. We are able to design and fabricate high quality product show models for demonstration purposes. Our prototype modeling services feature an unmatched high level of detail, delivering quality prototype display models that are guaranteed to impress.

The Experts

From an idea or sketch to a CAD file, take advantage of Andex Lasers many years of experience in precision machining. Let us develop and produce your prototyping/short run product, part or component! Call or email us today and see how Andex Laser can help you.


Software and Technology
Andex Laser utilizes all of the most current software when working with our customers and their laser and waterjet cutting projects. We use Catia V5 software and most leading CAD software. We accept all image file types making it easyier for you to get us your drawings in a format you are familiar with. 

Andex Laser only uses the highest rated cutting equipment available on the market. By staying on the cutting edge of technology, although expensive, it allows us to provide superior results to all of our clients.